Pursuing the Path to Becoming a Blind and Curtain Fitter in Liverpool

If you enjoy working with your hands and solving problems, then a career as a blind and curtain in Liverpool might be for you. This is an open industry that provides lots of opportunities to those who are interested in pursuing it. Blind and curtain fitters work with fabrics, such as cotton, silk, or other textiles to make curtains. They may also be called upon to add special features like frills, trims, and ruffles for aesthetic purposes.

The average salary for a blind and curtain fitter is £27,500 – £50,000 per year. It has been said that this industry is expected to grow at a rapid pace with more than 80,000 job opportunities that need to be filled by the year 2028. This is the perfect time to get started if you’re starting to consider a career shift.

Being a blind and curtain fitter is not an easy job but it can be very rewarding when you see your finished product hanging in someone’s window or on their wall. This industry allows for creativity, which is something that people often lose when working within traditional settings with rules and regulations being imposed upon them.

People in this line of job can expect to work in a variety of settings including department stores, speciality shops, or even small jobs such as home installations. One needs to be detail orientated, analytical, patient, and calm under pressure because you will often have deadlines to meet and be under constant pressure to produce quality work. Excellent customer service skills are also important as you will often have to interact with clients and guide them through the process of choosing a pair of curtains or blinds.

Liverpool BlindsYou may also need to lift up to 50 lbs at times, climb the ladder, and the job may also require you to move a lot – this is why it’s important that you are physically fit and strong.

You may also want to consider taking some college courses or other types of continuing education classes in Liverpool that can help broaden your skillset even further after you’ve finished working as an apprentice. This can give you an edge over the competition when trying to find a job, or it can help you land promotions if you’re already working in your field of choice.

Blind fitters in Liverpool play a vital role in society by making sure that people have access to privacy through their window coverings, which are an important part of many homes. If you enjoy working with textiles and solving problems, this career path may be the right choice for your future.


  • Salary is dependent upon experience and skill level, with a potential raise
  • Lots of opportunities for advancement and promotion in the industry
  • The work is done with your hands, so it’s very tactile and engaging
  • Ability to set your own hours
  • Ability to work on your own, or for a company

How To Get Started

If you’re interested in pursuing this career, there are several things that you should do to improve your chances of success.

First, it is recommended that you earn a degree or diploma related to the field. The majority of employers prefer candidates who have at least two years’ worth of experience in their chosen trade before applying for positions within their organization.

Also, you will need to complete extensive on-the-job training. Few colleges offer actual courses in the methods of blind and curtain fitting so most curriculums focus on other areas such as textiles or design. However, there are also online programs being offered by private institutions which can help you gain knowledge without having to attend a physical school.

Lastly, you will need to be able to work closely with others in a team setting since most blind and curtain fitters are employed by organizations that have several different employees working together under one roof. This is especially important for those who wish to become self-employed so they can manage their clients while simultaneously designing new products or other innovative ideas.

It is important to remember that this industry does not only require your hands and other manual skills but also your brain so you can come up with new designs or patterns to keep the company growing. However, before you get there, it’s best to start small while honing in on your craft until you become a master of it.

The great thing about working in the blind and curtain fitting industry is that you never know when inspiration will hit. A new fabric or texture may catch your eye while out on a stroll one day which gives you the idea for an exciting new design to put together with your team of employees. This sort of spontaneity allows many people who work within this field to enjoy their job while also being able to learn new skills along the way.


Blind and curtain fitters are in demand in Liverpool, with an expected growth of 8% over the next few years. If you are interested in a career option that combines technical knowledge and creative thinking, then this profession might just be perfect for you.